Wednesday, November 22, 2006


One more day to Thanksgiving. I am actually looking forward to turkey day this year. I am not nervous about eating at my boyfriend's parents house in regards to my gluten intolerance. I am really looking forward to devouring my desserts; dark chocolate brownies, maui wowee bars (both recipes from The Gluten Free Goddess), and gluten free appie pie from Whole Foods.

During this time of the year, most people think about what they are most thankful for in their lives. Below, is my list what I am most thankful for this year:

1. The support, attention, and love from my boyfriend, family, and extended family in getting
myself healthy.
2. The fact that our jobs allow us to have a roof over our head, food in our stomachs, and heat to
keep us warm during the upcoming cold New England winter months.
3. That I have my mom and my half-brother to call family after not speaking and losing contact
for several years.

What are you thankful for this year?

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