Monday, November 06, 2006

Not so good, then great

Saturday, I went to work to finish up some loose ends. While I was working, we had a cheerleading competition. I was being lazy, so I went up to the concessions stands for something to eat. I had 3 hot dogs w/ no buns of course. Everything was fine. Then I decided to go a nearby restaurant for a quick chocolate milk shake. Well, something didn't agree and I was sick for the rest of Saturday night. Not sure what did it though b/c I have had both of the items many of times before....just not one right after the other. I'll have be more careful about missing my foods.

On Sunday, we went to the Boynton Family Restuarant for some gluten free pizza, beer, and dessert. The pizza and chocolate mousse cake were delicious. As for the beer, well let's just say that I can't handle any type of beer. My boyfriend loved the dessert. He thought the pizza was good just a little too much sauce for him though. I liked the pizza so much, I bought an extra one to go. The restaurant just started carrying their gf menu. I know I will definitely be back there soon.

In March, Nickelback is playing at the DCU Center. I definitely want to go. Not sure if I want to go by myself or with someone else. Regardless, I know where I am going to eat before the show. You guessed it, the Boynton Family Restaurant. It's only a couple of minutes from the DCU Center.

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