Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday Season

While out this holiday season, please remember these few items,

1. Be patient with your local sales clerk in your local retail stores. Remember, they are human
too. It is not their fault that the store is out of the roasting pans, gravy boats, knives, chargers, glasses, or other items needed to have that Martha Stewart picture perfect holiday dinner.

2. Understand that the sales associate does not control the prices or coupons limitations. There are many different factors that control the prices of items. The sales associates do not control this. If you don't understand, go into your local library and lookup retail management and the economy. This should be a good start for you.

3. Do not ask the sales associate to turn off the Christmas music. Yes, Christmas music is playing over the speaker system and local radio stations. Once again, the associate does not have control over the Christmas music. Trust me, the associates have already mentioned this to store management. Just deal with it and enjoy it.

4. Be patient with other shoppers. Not everyone is as organized or as perfect as you. If you have nothing nice to say to another shopper, keep your mouth shut. The associate does not want to become a referee. Most likely, the associate will want to tell you both to shut the hell up.

I will add more as time goes along. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please leave me a comment.

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Anonymous said...

By this post, may I take a wild guess that you currently do or have worked in retail?

I worked through the holiday seasons during college and was generally content until that miserable customer decided to take his/her misery out on me. It's not always easy to remember that it's not personal! So Kudos for this post!