Friday, January 26, 2007


It's been over a week since I last posted. I had a bunch of deadlines that I had to meet last week. Never want to go through that again.

Recently when I am watching television, I noticed that I would rather watch Trick My Truck on CMT (TMT) over most other television shows. Not too sure why. Maybe it reminds me of being back home, where life was easier and calmer. I know TMT is based on MTV's Pimp My Ride. However, I can't stand MTV's version.

Thinking of about being back home, I miss scrapple. I sooo miss this breakfast treat. When I was home visiting my mom last time, she took me to an auction. On the auction premises there was a small restaurant operated by an Amish family. (Not sure if they were actually Amish or something close.) There they had homemade scrapple. I cheated! I had to have a piece. The piece of scrapple was one inch thick and about 6 inches across. It tasted so good. Unfortunately, I paid the price, but that is the one and only time I have ever cheated while being on gf diet.


The Wordpecker said...

Never heard of scrapple until I read your post. I followed the link to learn more -- Holy Pork!

Hope work is going better.

Virginia Belle said...

my dad was a huge scrapple fan. he grew up in WV and PA. i think that it's big up there.

anyway, i think it's ok. i'd rather have sausage. but i can see why people like scrapple.