Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little of everything

I am not particularly fond of this time of the year. Why? It's TAX TIME! Granted, I am not a tax accountant. Thank goodness. However, I help oversee a payroll that consists of approximately 285 part-time employees. The part-time employee base is mixed; students, home makers, and retirees. The students are the worst around tax time. The students start coming in asking why there weren't any federal or state taxes taken out of their paychecks. They were hoping for a refund. I try to explain this is the most basic terms possible. Some students get it, some students will never get it. The students who don't get it, better hire a tax attorney right after college or marry someone who has a clue about taxes and withholdings.

This time of the year also brings a new host of fresh meat, interns that is. I have two this semester. One of them is great right off the back. He actually gets here right around the time I do. Impressive. The second one, well, I just get this vibe that I am not going to like him too much. However, I must treat all interns the same. I think the second one is fake. Fake pesonality; faking to be interested in this internship. Yes, I know I hired him, however, he was the second best out of the pool. What was I to do? Only three more months.

I found some great recipes last week. The first one is San Francisco Pork Chops. Not too sure why it's called San Francisco. I was able to convert it so it was gluten free.

The other recipe is from one of Rachael Ray's cookbooks. I can't think of the name, but it has spinach, black beans, red peppers, onions, garlic, and other items. I'll post one day. It's a good recipe to add your own twists too.

I am looking forward to trying a recipe boyfriend and I found in one of our New England cookbooks. Basically, you take salmon, vermont maple syrup, brown sugar, and butter and grill it. Don't have a grill, so I am going to make it work on the stove top. Will let you know how it works out.

Thanks, aLs for adding my link. Check out his blog, if you have a chance. It's always a good read.


Diane said...

I think the cluelessness regarding life's responsibilities (including taxes and paying bills in general) runs rampant in the population, not just college students.

Most of us seem to muddle through without any consequences.

My employer tends to withhold a huge chunk of money. I guess they assume we're doing something incredibly productive with the rest to justify the withholdings. Even though I've only worked for them for a few months last year, (and claimed a lot of withholding allowances to compensate) H&R Block says I should get almost 3K back total.

GrewUpRural said...

You are right about the cluelessness running rampant in the population. It's just aggrevating for me about how people can be so clueless about these things.