Monday, September 18, 2006

Feeling Awful

I have been feeling awful since last night. I know what is causing this feeling, my dinner from Sunday night. We went to a restaurant that has a gluten free menu. I ordered a pan seared chicken breast stuffed with apples, pecans, and sage, basmati rice, and grilled asparagus. The stuffed chicken breast was dry and the stuffing lacked flavor. It needed bacon and/or cheese. All I know is I will not be going back to this restaurant again. We went there one other time before my diagnosis, and we were not crazy about the place. Everyone raves about this place, but to us, it is just overrated. A lot of the wealthy people eat this dining establishment. I am coming to realize that we both prefer "hole in the wall" establishments.

As of right now, I am miserable. It is hot in the office, there are no windows to open up, and I feel awful. What a great Monday.

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