Friday, July 21, 2006

Driving to my part-time job last night was interesting. What normally is a 30 minute drive (with some speeding involved) turned into a 90 minute drive and that's with me knowing some short cuts. If it weren't for those short cuts, it would have taken me over two hours to get to my destination. The cause of this massive delay was due to a truck fire on route 4 north.

Despite the minor aggrevation, I realized last night that I do my best thinking while driving. Not sure why, but I am able to solve most of my problems during this time. I had a lot of time during last night's commute to think about where I am in life. I realized that I am pretty happy with my life in general, except for the relationship part. Lately, I have been getting the itch to shake up my life. This sort of feeling comes every so many years. Maybe tonight there will be another massive delay and I will have some extra time to think about what needs to be shaken up in my life.

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Alice said...

Good luck. You are in a tough position but just be true to yourself. Its nice being in a relationship but...what if the relationship isn't what you want it to be? You have to spend the rest of your life with this dude.

However, i once heard somewhere and can't remember where, that the trick to a lasting relationship is not having both people fall out of love at the same time. Its inevitable that there will be days that one person will fall out of love for a period of time but the key is not having both do so at the same time or that is when the relationship dies. Maybe you're just in that stage right now and things may change??

Good luck sorting this out.