Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Same Sauce Different Recipe

Last week, I made pork chops with an awesome sauce. Well, I took that same sauce and created a simple Chinese-like dish.

Chicken breasts
Chicken Stock
Frozen Broccoli or Mixed Vegetable
Sauce from other recipe

Cut chicken up into bite size pieces. Create the sauce. I put the chicken in the sauce while I prepare the rice and vegetables.

I cook my white rice in the microwave using chicken stock. Follow directions for rice. Once done, set aside. I use frozen vegetables by Birds Eye that steam in the bag. Follow directions for frozen vegetables.

While those are cooking in the microwave, I put a little olive oil in a skillet. Let it get hot. Put the chicken in the hot pan. Add the remaining sauce to the skillet at this time. Cook chicken thoroughly.

Once chicken is cooked, combine the chicken, rice, and vegetables together in a big bowl. Do not put the sauce in the mixture just yet.

The sauce is much better if it is thickened with corn starch diluted with cold water. Pour the corn starch mixture in the sauce in the skillet. Constantly stir to allow sauce to thicken. Once thicken, pour sauce over chicken/rice/vegetable mixture.

This is great as leftovers.

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