Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I haven't disappeared, just haven't felt like writing lately.

Let's see...what has been happening. The carpets are finally okay. However, I still don't have a desk. I am actually saving up for a new desk. Yes, you read that right...saving.

I have been going to physical therapy for the past few weeks. The therapy is working. I just have to find time to do the exercises at home. Here's the problem with my knee, I somehow badly bruised the cartlidge between my knee cap and the bone behind the knee cap. The cartlidge between those two bones does not get a regular supply of blood. Due to this, there will be irriation. To help the blood circulate in that area, I have to do my exercises. Over time, the cartlidge will start to heal. It hurts the most when I am sitting for too long. The doctors call it "a movie knee". I am constanly getting up and down because of the irritation.

Lately, I have noticed that eating out at restaurants is becoming a lot more difficult for me. The cross contamination of gluten is killing me. Recently, I went to two restaurants that offer gluten free menus. I specified to the staff about my gluten-free needs. However with both meals, I could feel myself getting sick as I was eating my food. The weird thing with me is, I can actually feel if I will be getting sick as I eat the food. It's as soon I digest the food, I can feel the pain and other effects. I am lucky that it does not take too long for me to feel the "poison (gluten)".

I have been gluten free for almost a year now. Since then, I have realized that I am becoming for more sensitive to cross contanimation. This is making it hard for me to eat out at other people's houses and at restaurants. Due to my sensitivity, I will be making my own birthday cake. I plan to make Karina's Coconut Carrot Cake. I made this cake for the holidays and everyone (gluten-filled people) couldn't believe there was no gluten in it.

Well, I am planning to have a good weekend as I will be celebrating my birthday up in Portland watching a Sea Dogs baseball game on Friday night. Technically, my b-day isn't until Sunday, but I like starting it early.


don said...
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Anonymous Law Student said...

Tsk tsk, you start your first sentence with saying you haven't disappeared, but I believe you have. Keep on bloggin', or truckin'. Whichever.