Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Weekend

There is nothing like being sick. I have a sinus infection that will not leave. I have had it since Thanksgiving weekend. This weekend I worked and rested. I did bake a little for a party on Tuesday. I have a doctor's appointment soon.

I decided what I am going to about the company holiday gathering. I will be taking a half day off from work. I will not go to the company holiday gathering. However, I will be using this time to visit a former supervisor from my job in college and taking her out to lunch. I know I am avoiding the gluten-filled situation by not going to the company holiday gathering. I am one who usually does not avoid things. It is hard for people to understand this. I can't risk myself getting sick and then not being able to work my part-time job.

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don said...

We are having a company party/ meal and I'd get out of it if I could, not because I can't eat the food. But I'm kind of stuck.