Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Cookie

I went to D'Angelo's last night to pick up dinner for my boyfriend. There were two people ahead of me, a woman who was ordering and a UPS man. I figured let me get the chips and cookie while these people are ordering. As I was walking back from the cookie bin to get back in line, the UPS man says, "Do you really need that cookie?" I am dumbfounded for a second or two. I'll tell him, no this is for someone else. He states, "You are pulling my leg." Then I give him the I can't have gluten speech. He then has enough nerve to say, "You are pulling my leg again." By now this guy deserves a punch in the face! Of course, I am not quick witted so I could not have put him in his place. He then asks me what the symptoms are of this intolerance. I don't exactly want to get into the details of all the symptoms in the middle of a D'Angelos. All I could muster out was, there's a lot of discomfort. Thankfully, after I said that, it was his turn to order.

I know the UPS man may have been joking, but you DO NOT under any circumstance say that to a perfect stranger. Where was this guy's class? He was still in his uniform. When you are in your company's uniform out and about the town/city, shouldn't you at least put a good smile forward for your company's sake and reputation and not say anything mean?

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myboyfriendiscrazy said...

It honestly amazes me how assholish people can be. You should have told him it's his job to deliver the mail, not insults.